7 am clean the Turkey, make the stuffing, preheat the oven, make the cinnamon rolls from the dough and let them rise

8 am stuff bird and get it in oven and the extra in a casserole dish, and cinnamon rolls in oven. If you only have one oven cook the cinnamon rolls first. I cook a 20 lb turkey normally.

9 am roll rolls and let rise, put sweet potatoes in a casserole dish, start greenbeen casserole.

10 am cut apples and celery for waldorf and soak in orange juice, add raisins. Don’t add whipped cream or nuts until time to serve

11 am make deviled eggs and relish tray, make whipped cream

12 pm get cranberry out, relish tray, finish waldorf and set out pies

12:30 pm get Turkey out of oven

1 pm make gravy and put green beans in the oven and set out deviled eggs

1:30 put rolls and sweet potatoes in oven, finish mashed potatoes

Last minute:

Put butter on the table, whipped topping out, pecans in waldorf, light candles


Enjoy your family and all that went into this meal. You have created a memory.